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Craft Dark Chocolate

Craft Dark Chocolate Made in Small Batches

We set out to understand the history, culture, and craft of chocolate. In our journey, one of the most important things we’ve come to learn is that chocolate is one of the premier foods for representing local communities.

This is why we focus on small batch dark chocolate. We want to make sure that each bar of chocolate we produce has been made with the careful attention to detail that we’ve learned while making chocolate all throughout Central America.

This is what separates our craft dark chocolate from the rest. We combine history, culture, and flavor into every bite. We can only accomplish this by focussing on creating small batches at a time. This creates chocolate with unique flavors and unparalleled quality. There is no chocolate quite like small batch dark chocolate.

Each batch has its own unique notes that join the overall harmony of each separate line of chocolate we procure. When you purchase chocolate from us, you will be getting a product that is totally unique to its batch. Our products are designed with the craft of a chocolatier in mind.

Chocolate is an ancient food. Chocolate was first refined in Central America by the Maya centuries ago. They mastered chocolate and were able to draw out flavors that today’s mass market chocolate has lost. Our craft chocolate speaks to this history and brings those flavors to a modern audience.

Our craft dark chocolate adds its unique blends to the rich history of craft chocolate. By focussing on tradition, we have been able to incorporate the craft of the Maya within each bar we produce. This is chocolate crafted with history in mind.

Visit our online store today to take part in this culture, this history, and this extraordinary flavor.

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