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Honey Sweetened Chocolate

Naturally Honey Sweetened Chocolate

Our honey sweetened chocolate takes a new path inspired by ancient traditions.

We’ve spent years traveling Central American and learning how the descendants of the masters of chocolate craft their contemporary confections. Traditionally chocolate is made into a beverage and the flavor would be left very dark, though sometimes this sacred beverage would be sweetened with honey. We became inspired, and realized that creating a chocolate bar sweetened with honey would be something truly special.

We want to share our honey chocolates with the world. The unique flavor profiles of honey combine with the rich depth of cacao to create a new and exciting flavor. Our chocolates are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

We created honey sweetened chocolate to combine history and modern sensibilities. Today’s chocolate lover has been looking for a way to ditch those hard to pronounce ingredients in favor of something from the Earth. Our honey chocolates fit perfectly into Paleo diets and other diets that are focussed on putting history and nature first.

Our dark chocolates are made in small batches and that means each order you place will have a unique flavor profile that is centered around traditional chocolate bars. You’ll get to experience the joy of discovering these flavors time and time again.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our chocolates or place your first order on our website today!

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