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Organic Chocolate

Enjoy Our Delicious Organic Chocolate

Our company offers the best organic dark chocolate in our community.

Our chocolate is about more than amazing taste, it’s about community and a commitment to a better tomorrow. That’s why we sell organic chocolate in our online store.

We want our chocolate to connect to the most people possible and share our journey with them. You can find vegan chocolates in our online shop that speak to the years we’ve spent perfecting our craft as chocolatiers. We first honed our recipes in Chiapas while we worked to incorporate the historic chocolate techniques of the Maya with a modern sensibility.

This brought us to the unique organic chocolate we sell today. Our chocolate connects you to more than just the rich, deep history of this wonderful food, but also to the hope for a better tomorrow.

Our chocolate represent part of that commitment to respecting the history of chocolate and to having an eye towards tomorrow. You’ll find chocolates in our online store that skip over the animal ingredients that clog today’s mass market chocolates. Our chocolates have a rich flavor developed with the best ingredients that are inspired directly from the history of Central America.

Learning our chocolate craft in the birthplace of cacao gave us a unique insight into this ingredient. We strive to make sure that this rich history isn't lost to mass market appeal. Our chocolates are interconnected with our experiences learning the work of a chocolatier in the ancestral home of the Maya.

Our chocolates used to only be available to our local community, but now you can have them shipped right to your door. Our chocolates are available to anyone who wants to share in our journey as well as the rich history of the Maya.

If you are ready to try the best organic dark chocolate you can find today, then visit our online store today!

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